The power of Ping Pong for religious groups

Religious groups come together to get spiritual nourishment for the body and soul. Depending on your religious institution affiliations, the groups are formed based on age, location, and gender. Many healthy long-term relationships have been built on this foundation. We view religion as a sacred entity and you have to behave well when in the company of religious members, that is why so there is so much trust and honesty when dealing with members of your religious group. The clergy advocate for these groups as a way of maintaining membership and spiritual growth of its members. You cannot discuss matters religion all the time, at one point you may want to build and empower your members economically, socially, emotionally and physically. Sporting activities are common functions among religious groups to enhance social relationships among its members. Ping Pong is one such sporting activity. The fact that it needs up to four players to make a singles and doubles team, it narrows the social base as a team building activity.

Why play Ping Pong for religious groups?

First, Ping Pong is an intense sport and you couldnt just win with this paddle or other branded ping pong equipment (, you need enthusiasm. This helps religious group members to stay fit and physically active. The health benefit of this is it allows the body to relax and reduce stress associated with normal daily lives. After a message of hope and strong preaching on faith, a Ping Pong game prepares the body to strategize on how to implement some teachings as a way of mental, physical, social and emotional growth.

Secondly, Ping Pong allows you to realize one’s hidden potential and strength. How will you know if you are a good butter if you do not participate in Ping Pong game? Religious groups allow you to be yourself and exercise your strengths and talents without the fear of judgment. Many talents and Table Tennis careers have been built on these platforms.

Thirdly, you are having fun and entertainment with your group members. This helps the mind to have positive energy despite a challenging situation you are going through in your life. Being a mind game just like chess, your mental thinking and voice of reason help you to win the game. These encourage and motivate you to make right decisions and make your mind be sober to allow reasoning take center stage in solving your daily challenges.

The same way people meet in social media forums, weddings, corporate events, and hospitals; religious groups are settings you can form fruitful relationships, which allow you to enhance your social skills in relating with people from different backgrounds. Furthermore, religious gatherings assist you to be your best for the sake of lifting the name of the religious Supreme Being you believe in – God for Christians.

Ping Pong provides a healthy forum for spiritual members to be themselves and run team-building activities important for contentment, to boost self-esteem and to build self-confidence for the overall spiritual well-being of an individual. The physical activity in the game offers health, cognitive and physical benefits for members. It further allows members to meet in an informal set up to identify and enhance their virtues and suppress their weaknesses.



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