Dogs In Religious Activities

Dogs are certainly the loveliest pets out there. If you take a look at the number of people who have pets and survey which pet do most of them have, dogs top the chart. Dog pets are most loved my human. Dog owners are willing to spend money for their pets. They have different kinds of materials for their dogs especially vacuum, there are many vacuums available for pet hair in the market. Dogs have been closely associated with mankind from the very early civilizations. Are dogs just pets? Do they have some significance in the religious activities? Well, the question may sound strange but the truth is that dogs play an important role in many a religious tradition we have today.

  • Dogs in Chinese Religious Traditions

Chinese astrology honors 12 animals and dog is one of them. They have even dedicated a day, the second day of the Chinese New Year, to celebrate the birthday of all dogs. People give respect and take special care of their dogs on that day.

  • Dogs in Aztec Religion

The Aztec peoples found in central Mexico attribute great symbolic and religious significance to the dogs. According to their belief, a dog-headed monster named Xolotl is the god of death. Historians have also discovered several burial sites of dogs in Mexico.

  • Dogs in Judaism

The Jewish law reminds the Jews to make sure that their dogs are fed before they are. Similarly, the Jews are supposed to feed their dogs or make arrangements for the same if they are to obtain them from someone else.

  • Dogs in Zoroastrianism

It seems that dogs are given the most respect in Zoroastrianism as compared to other religious traditions. They consider it as a righteous, clean and noble creature. They are advised by their religion to feed and take care of their dogs without any fail. When it comes to the religious or ritual side of Zoroastrianism, they consider the dogs’ gaze as a blessing because it has got the power to purify one and to cast away the demons. On the commemoration day of their dead, feeding the dogs is a special ritual for them.

  • Dogs in Christianity

Although dogs are not given any great religious significance in modern Christianity, you can see a lot of references to them in their religious scripture. In the Book of Tobit, it is seen that Tobias is accompanied by a dog on his journey. Similarly, St. Roch is recognized as the patron saints of dogs. Dogs are honored or symbolized in many local Christian churches in several parts of the world.

  • Dogs in Hinduism

Dog-related rituals are common in certain parts of India among the followers of Hinduism. During the five-day long Tihar festival which is celebrated in a northern state in India, dogs are worshiped and honored with great respect and care. The festival usually falls in the month of November. For the Hindu god, Bhairava, dog (called van in the local language) is the amount. The Hindu epic Mahabharatha notes that Yudhistira was taken into heaven along with his dog. Therefore, some sects of Hindus believe that taking care of the dogs is one of the many ways to secure heaven.

  • Dogs in Greek Mythology

You can see that dogs were dear to many of the characters in the Greek mythology as well. Hecate, Artemis, and Ares loved their dogs very much and were often found with them.




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