Barbecue For Food Offering

In ancient times foods were often associated with different deities because of perceived power they possessed. The most powerful foods were those that we would recognize today – beef, pork, chicken, and fish. These foods were powerful not only because they were delicious but because they came from the harvest of the land and sea and were enjoyed by all in their homes and at events. Though most of us no longer associate cooking meals with deities the tradition of enjoying meat lives on in our modern society.


No type of food inspires a cult-like following than barbecue, if the ancients had it they would have no doubt set up a
sign that read – barbecue for food offering. You can read‘s Review regarding dealing with grilled foods.


But what is a barbecue and why is it so popular?


Barbecue perhaps the most broadly enjoyed and misunderstood of all gastronomically related terms. Barbecue is both a cooking method and apparatus for powering that method – contrary to thought, it is not actually a sauce. The method Barbecue is characterized by long, drawn out cooking times at low heat – in order to extremely tenderize the meat in question. The apparatus that powers this method is a kind specialized grilling designed often to impart a smokey flavor onto the meat being cooked.


Sauces used in Barbecue perform a special task as well, they lock in flavors by coating meats as well as keep meat hydrated during long cook times. Sauced for Barbecue contain a wide variety of ingredients including onion powder, sugar, salt, water, cinnamon, chives, honey, molasses and many many other – often rigorously defended trade secret – ingredients.


When someone asks our hypothetical ancients “Why Barbecue for food offering?” the ancient might respond simply by stating “the flavor!” or they might get really long winded and explain a deeper truth – community. Barbecue isn’t simply about food, it has its roots in the southern united states, in a time of deep spirituality and deep division. Often, the only time various groups of people got together to congregate was at Church on Sunday’s and large, group meals were a normal event. It was in this environment that Barbecue was perfected and transformed from a culinary on-off to a socially mainstream and recognizable form of cooking.


Many ask what can be Barbecued and what cannot, the truth is there are no real rules to it – if it can be slow cooked on a grill, drizzled with delicious sauce and made to taste great, it can be Barbecued. Having stated that just about anything can be Barbecued it is important to note that traditionally, some things lend themselves much better to being cooked this way than others. Perhaps the most widely cooked and famous of all Barbecue meats is pork, this is owing to the characteristics of tenderness and susceptibility to the methods of BBQ in the meat itself as well as the wide availability and low cost. No one can seriously say they have visited a Southern United States BBQ restaurant and not tried a pulled pork sandwich, can they really?


Whether you’re a modern day foodie or an ancient putting “ barbecue for food offering ” signs up, there is absolutely no denying it – BBQ is definitely here to stay.