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We’re an award-winning source of global news on religion, spirituality, culture, and ethics. Therefore, this platform provides information on various topics surrounding the mentioned subjects. We have a staff of professional journalists that’s responsible for the contents of the blog. They report the news about happenings and new developments in these areas.

Thus, professionalism ensures we give our audience quality and informative write-ups. Additionally, this blog is independent, and that guarantees a neutral position on the various subjects. It’s vital because people deserve honest perspectives on these sensitive issues. We’re also a non-profit outfit; that means our resources are free and accessible to anyone anywhere.

Pastor Aaron Green

Editorial Manager

Rev. Paul Spicer

Senior Writer

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Writer / Photographer

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Our team consists of different staff members with various roles, and everyone is vital to the organization. They include professional journalists who’re responsible for the curation of content for the blog. Their job is essential because we want to ensure that every piece of information we present is thoroughly vetted and authentic.

We also have administrators and people dedicated to ensuring the smooth running of the site. They’re the ones who choose what topics to discuss and edit the posts as they see fit. Finally, we have our contact and media team. They are our correspondence officers because they deal with contact forms, inquiries, and information dissemination.