Fun Activities for Your Religious Community


If you are looking for some fun activities and games to play with your religious community, then this blog is for you! We have compiled a list of our favorite games that are easy to learn and can be played by people of all ages. So go ahead, browse through our list and find the perfect game for your next gathering!

What is the benefit of having activities in your religious community?

Most people who belong to a religious community will attest that participating in the activities and games provided by their church, mosque, or synagogue makes for good times and builds up relationships. It is possible through these experiences of fun and laughter with others at your place of worship that you may find yourself feeling spiritually uplifted as well. If this is the case, it is a good idea to keep participating in these activities as they help with your spiritual development and increase your connection with other congregants.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of games and activities you might have if there are children in your religious community:


Host a potluck with your religious community 

One of the most excellent ways to bond is through food. If you are hosting a potluck, it would be best to provide a dish that is easy for everyone to make. You could also ask members who have children in the community to bring their kids’ favorite homemade dishes. The diverse community will also gain new food experiences.

Religious potlucks are a time-honored tradition and one way to explore your faith with other members. Bring a dish that represents both the best of what you have to offer in terms of religion and cuisine!

Have an ice cream sundae night in the summertime

Summer is a perfect time to host an ice cream sundae night. You can have the kids bring their friends over and help make these delicious treats for

everyone in attendance. The kids will love getting messy (in a good way), and the adults might find themselves rekindling their sweet tooth. This is a great way to involve kids in your religious community. They will enjoy your gatherings and will always look forward to the next one.


Host a talent show for kids in your community

If you are looking to provide an event that will be entertaining and create lasting memories, this might just be it! Before hosting the talent show, ask parents if their child has any talents they would like them to perform. A few weeks before the performance, send out an email with a form for parents to fill out, including their child’s name, age, and talent. You can then set up open mic time before or after the main event where any kids who want to participate will have an opportunity to do so.

A talent show is one way that your religious community could promote diversity and creativity among children. And if you’re worried that your event is too short, this is not a problem! Make it an all-day affair with activities and games for kids of different ages to ensure that

everyone has a good time throughout the day.

Start an indoor or small physical activities group to get your group moving.

Set up a simple obstacle course with cones and obstacles that are safe for all ages, depending on the age range of your members. For kids, use a play mat or make tie-dyed shirts. Present the course to your members and have them race against each other with points on who can get through it in the quickest time.

For adults, there are many games that they might love. One of them is a game of indoor golf. If you enjoy a good old round of golf but can’t hit the greens due to time or weather constraints, you can always play indoors using a golf simulator. There are several simulators in the market; however, Skytrack simulators are high quality and therefore come highly recommended. Nonetheless, you can always check out for a review of those different simulators before picking one that suits your preferences.

Create a monthly newsletter about what’s happening in your religious community, including upcoming events and activities

Once a month, create an email newsletter with upcoming events and activities. Include details such as date, time, location, and contact information for the event or activity. Include photos of your religious community’s building and members in these newsletters to help people feel more connected to you! Make sure that at least one event or activity per month is free.

Having your community see your activities will help them prepare for it. It will also bring excitement to your community as they are looking forward to your events and activities. Use outreach programs as a way for members to see how their donations. You can also include the pictures from your outreach programs that your community is involved in so they see the results from contributions and recognize those volunteers who made it happen.


There is a variety of fun and creative activities your religious community can do together. From the example we’ve seen, any group or organization can benefit from these ideas for building relationships in their unique way. We hope you have enjoyed this list!