Functions of church home tools

People go to religious institutions to seek solace and food for the soul. In as much as that is the basic purpose; you need to go to a neat and hygienic place to allow the body to relax and listen to the voice of God. Some churches employ a caretaker to maintain the church compound as well as clean, maintain and do few repairs. Other churches opt to use volunteers. Just as home, no cleaning, and maintenance activities will be successful when you use their bare hand, you need home tools to make work easier and simple.

What are some of the activities that need home tools in the church?


“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” you cannot be comfortable in the church with dust and bushy compound. You will not settle, what about if a snake crawls from the bushes to the church. An untidy church compound is a source of infections and allergies. Brooms, rake, shears, and slashes are among home tools to help in cleaning the church to enable the congregation to stay in a clean environment ready for the clergy to give them a message of hope and to strengthen their faith.

Cutting grass and bushes

The fact that there is little human movement within the church, grasses, and bushes are bound to grow faster depending on the prevailing weather conditions. The church management can buy a lawn mower or a volunteer can donate one to help maintain the right level of grass as well as clear the bushes, which might harbor predators and parasites.

Repair of an electrical system

Electric appliances never miss in a church. They provide power to the lighting and the public address system. They are prone to electric faults, and of course, wear and tear. You need an electrical toolkit with all the basic home tools to help solve electrical repairs and maintenance.

Maintenance, renovations, and repair of furniture

Wooden furniture is very common in most churches, we reviewed a number of different innovative ratchet here. Prolonged use leads to breakages and loose nails, which might be harmful to church members. A woodwork toolkit comes in handy as a home tool to assist in handling any woodwork operations within the church. The kit has a mallet, nails of different sizes, tape measure, and screws among others.

Hitting nails

Anywhere there is woodwork, nails are inevitable; being metallic, they are prone to loosening making woodwork joint loose leading to breakages. Instead of disposing of the whole furniture, you just need nails and a hammer to screw them together and they still continue to provide comfort. In case they break, nails also help to make new wooden seats and tables.


The furniture and electrical appliances most of the time are joined using screws. You need to look for series of features and the best home tools  like a drill in the church to help fix and remove screws during renovations of woodwork projects and electrical appliances.

The church is another home, although we spend a few hours a week. It needs to be clean, neat and tidy all the time. Investing in home tools for the church improves efficiency and effectiveness of workers doing various activities within the church compound.

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