Our Mission, Our Vision, and Values

Our Mission

We aim to provide global news on a wide range of issues, including religion, spirituality, ethics, and culture. Most people who discuss these issues do that to represent a particular point of view. However, this platform presents factual news and information from an unbiased perspective. Therefore, that’s one of the things that makes our blog essential.

Our Vision

We envision this blog as a home and a go-to place for news and information on our specialized topics. We also desire to see the impact of the knowledge and understanding of these fundamental issues on society. That’s because by the time people know about various cultures and religions besides theirs, there’s sure to be more tolerance in our communities.

Our Core Values

Though we’re not a religious sect or organization, we have values that we uphold on our platform and among our staff. The first one is respect. As a blog that discusses subjects like religion and culture, it’s vital to incorporate that. It starts with the acknowledgment that some things may be foreign to us. However, we must honor the fact that they’re essential to others.

Another value is thoroughness. That helps us in presenting information to our audience because it ensures authenticity. As much as there’s a place for sharing opinions, they mustn’t overtake the importance of fact-checking. Therefore, we encourage data accuracy, and that’s why, as a rule, our journalists and writers are meticulous with their work.